Friday, November 6, 2009

On Notice BHO!!

Dear BHO,
You're on notice...again. You know why. That speech was offensive.We needed a strong leader. We got Joey Tribiani giving a speech..."How YOU doing???" I would like to remind you that the Medal of Honor is a military award, while the Medal of Freedom is a civilian award. The shout out guy, who you called a Medal of Honor winner, was a Medal of Freedom winner. The award was given....wait for it, you're going to love this one BHO...BY YOU!

I am happy that you've warned us not to "jump to conclusions." I bet the police officer in the Gates scandal wished you knew that sentence a few months ago. I'll not jump to conclusions if you won't. Promise.

So once again, I must point out that Mr. Perfect did not write this post, just in case your administration has decided to hijack bloggers' free speech rights...If you're going to lock me up, you better get me a cute designer jumpsuit or I won't go nicely or quietly. Let's be honest, I don't go anywhere quietly.

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