Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How I love this

I have some precious friends, Alex and Laura Waites, who are missionaries in Honduras. They literally devote their every day to ministering to the orphans and fatherless. They are building a school in the remote area of Honduras where they live, Puerto Lempira. I will tell you more about their ministry one day but today I want to "wet the hook" so to speak.

My church has sent several mission teams down to assist them in their work. This summer my husband and son went and they lost their hearts to these precious children. Another person who went along on the trip is my dear friend Maddie. She's in 8th grade and you will see not just a gifted writer but a lover of Jesus and of His children, the "least of these." Maddie will melt your heart right out of your chest. This is a must read and I'm sharing it with you with her permission. You will want to click through the link so you can see the pictures and learn about the ministry if you're interested. They are always accepting donations.

Walk of Sorrow...the testimony of one amazing teen

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