Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So, maybe I was wrong about Teddy

I'm sure he missed the kids and all, but as it turns out, Teddy was in pain. Today he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. This is a degenerative disease and manageable, but not curable. If you know him, you know he was very poorly bred. I like to say he's twice the dog! We love him like family. He is a good and faithful friend to all of us.

We covet your prayers, for us... because we have to put him on a diet, and as I mentioned before, he's not about to starve. He will find food. I always had disdain for people who treat their pets like people, but I think I may have become one. I already have my personal architect, Quenton, designing him a chic cart in case he loses the use of his back legs. And if worse comes to worse, I will put him in a giant purse and have him become a purse dog. There are two problems with that plan. 1) He weighs in at over 50 pounds and lifting him is no easy feat, not to mention carrying. 2) Copper isn't about to let Teddy become a purse dog unless he gets to be a purse dog too. Between them, that's quite a load. Now that I think of it, I better have Quenton design two carts. If Teddy needs one Copper will insist on one too. His will have to be cuter, or he will just be impossible. Maybe a double stroller...

I've been trying to figure out who I can put "ON NOTICE" over this, but he is God's creature and I'm not calling out God. He knows what he's doing, but He's not doing it my way. Go figure, the God of the Universe doesn't consult me on His decisions. Boy, would I mess this world up. Let's all pause and give thanks that Donna isn't in charge. In the words of my favorite After's song, "Thank God I'm Not The One!"

Even though I misdiagnosed him for my previous post, the lesson still stands and I am thankful that we can learn a great lesson even in the midst of a hardship. I am going to have to go check my veterinarian license. I must have gotten it at aTm. ;P

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