Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is Veteran's Day. (It is also my Papa's 91st birthday. Mine's tomorrow. I turn 34 again. I'm getting really good at it.) I have nothing smart to say, no wisdom to impart today. Just a huge giant "thank you" for those who have served, fought and died so that we can be free. I know several men and women who have served. I am grateful beyond words that I can worship as I choose. I can live where I choose and when my children go to bed at night I know they are safe. You gave up much to keep our nation free. Some of you returned to a nation that didn't welcome you home and didn't save a place for you. You did it willingly and you served honorably. You are Pastors, carpenters, IT guys and gals, teachers, mechanics and many other things. Because of you I am free and I will never take it for granted. Thank You!

(Tomorrow I will be back to my old snarky self.)

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