Thursday, October 30, 2008


So it will soon be time for me to drink my own kool-aid and vote. This is the first time in memory I haven't been excited to exercise my constitutional privilege and vote. I don't like my presidential choices and I have much to say about our country's primary process, but that will keep for another rant. I am going to hold my nose, hold my breath and vote for the candidate that most closely mirrors those things that are the most meaningful to me. My top (in random order)
a) sanctity of marriage
b) sanctity of life
c) border security and no amnesty for illegal aliens
d) supreme court
e) drilling
f) war
g) taxes and no socialism

I know many people disagree with the things I have on my list. There is a great bit of disagreement, even among people I love and respect. So if you agree with my candidates, vote. If you don't agree with anyway, just be sure you are informed. There are many great non-partisan voter's guides out there. Be informed and then, as we say in Texas, vote early: vote often. (Just kidding about the often.)

Oh yeah, I am putting Alan Keyes, ( ON NOTICE for not having a successful campaign so I could vote for him. I never got to know him well enough to know how deep my devotion would be. :(

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Donna Lawson said...

I can't believe I forgot Israel! Out with taxes and in with Israel.