Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting the itch

I've been on a ministry hiatus of sorts. It's been a nice time of healing. Much needed. But recently, I've really been missing my ministry. I've been praying that God would lead me and either let me know how to proceed with figuring out how to scratch that itch or take it away.

Yesterday, I received a call from a precious lady from church who wanted to get some of her friends together to do a small Bible Study and wanted to know if I could help get them started. Well that's like wagging Drano in front of a meth head. I couldn't get in the car fast enough! What a blessing to meet with those ladies. A group of women, who..on their own...decided to study God's Word. Who ever heard of that!!??!! Not me, well not in a long time. Just being in the room with them humbled me and blessed my heart.

So as I'm moving forward with what I believe God has called me to do, it's different for me than it has been in the past. In the (sort of recent)past, I've been condemned, judged and found wanting by people who didn't even know me and it's given me a case of ministerial "yips." So I'm asking those of you who read this blog to pray for me as I try to figure out where God is leading and how to best follow Him.

The itch is growing and it''s not going away. Sweet!

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Anonymous said...

Who would condemned and judge you, Donna? Maybe you have just been running with the wrong crowd. If they only knew you like I know you. -God