Thursday, February 17, 2011

The good the bad, the ugly...the crazy, the cult and the Easter Circus

I wrote that last post completely excited to meet with those ladies and maybe get a little Bible Study going at church. I love studying God's Word and I hate biblical illiteracy. I believe God gives us all different passions and mine is definitely in education and discipleship. I'm interested in EVERYTHING and I WANT TO KNOW IT ALL...even though I know I never will.

What has happened since then has been amazing and more than I would have ever asked. Out of that desire to begin a study has come a new "gig" for me. I'm now the Director of Women's Ministries at Pin Oaks Christian Fellowship. Pin Oaks!

I'm honestly not sure how it happened but I do know this, I told God "yes" a couple of years ago when I stopped teaching my High School girls class and decided to begin to prepare to step into ministry. I didn't understand what "prepare" was going to entail. I thought I was going to take classes at the seminary and get certified in Women's Ministry which is the only thing available in my particular case without starting all over. (Which I might do, you never know.) I didn't know the journey would be so, well, hard. If you read this blog, you got to share much of it with me. The good the bad, the ugly...the crazy, the cult and the Easter Circus ((shudder.))

I'm super excited for this new chapter. I've already had so much support and I see God's hand at work. I hope we grow a ministry that is God focused. I don't know why He chooses to use me. He knows I'm going to mess up big time at some point but I also know those are His favorite kind of people. Imperfect. Messy. Willing. Hungry.

At the same time I'm astounded at my prayers that are being answered and the benefit they bring for my church. God is doing amazing things at Pin Oaks. If you don't have a church home, I'd love for you to join us. For a small glimpse at some of those answered prayers, read this from August of 2008. It wasn't ever re-edited and fairly poorly written, but some of you will get the gist. That dream church team isn't such a dream these days. There have been some substitutions but they are great substitutions! We are truly blessed.
Dream Church Team

Wondering about the Easter Circus? That was part of a rant-y rant a few years ago. Got myself all worked up over that one. Easter Circus

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