Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mission trips and the beloved mouse

I am not usually a jealous person. Really. I am so blessed that I can't begin to complain, but these last couple of weeks, I've been a little green. It seems like the whole world is out making a wonderful difference for Jesus and I'm just ...not.

My buddy Kevin is on a musician's mission trip in Africa and I'm so envious I could literally puke. That's right, I said puke. Dahlia, Jeannie and Vicki are in Vietnam working with the Lost Orphans group. They are able to post pictures and they are amazing. A few weeks ago, my friend Kathy and girls from the youth group were in Romania working with The Joshua House group and AIDS orphans. Ashley & the youth group are in New Orleans hosting Sports Camps and last week Corinne was in Guatemala breaking her foot. (The foot breaking wasn't a planned event, but she enjoyed it anyway. How, you ask? She fell and was caught by a cute boy. If you remember being a teenager, you get it.) I know that these people are out there being "Jesus in skin" to others.

So what of us who are behind the scenes? I know I'm not the only person out there who misses out on some of the fun because we have "grown-up" responsibilities (or asthma.) Sometimes we feel that we are useless to the Kingdom because we aren't always on the visible "front lines." We feel that unless we go on a cool trip or cut an enormous check we are doing nothing. This is a lie. Where would the world be if it weren't for parents who raise mighty warriors and prepare them for battle? I think of those children out there in New Orleans right now working at Sports Camp in the devastating heat, whose only goal is to bring Jesus to someone who doesn't know Him. Someone prepared them long before they got on a bus. We should remember that it is a privilege to wait and pray for those who are away from us. We make a difference, too. We may not get the praise, but those the Lord sends out can't do their job if they aren't just smothered in prayer. So, I'm giving myself a break. I wish I was there, but I am content to be here...on watch...standing in the gap...for as long as necessary. Oh, and sooo thankful that God sent someone else to do the cooking and sweating part. Thank you, RaeNell & Sarah.

Now, onto "rant of the day." Let me preface by saying I have serious issues with Pat Robertson. I feel he has done some damage to the name of Christ, but I have also at times shamed my Savior's name, so I only throw a very small nerf stone. That said, I saw something that appalled me the other evening. Guess who is responsible? That's right...the beloved mouse, Mickey. Disney/ABC Family has a new show titled "The Secret Life Of Teenagers." I can't comment about the show yet other than to say I am saddened by the culture to which our children are exposed. I'll comment on the show after I've seen enough of it to get an idea which way it is headed. (On a side note: John Schneider, aka Bo Duke was in it, and time has been kind to him. Very kind.) The rant comes from the disclaimer. Pat Robertson's 700 Club comes on directly before this show and is followed by a disclaimer that "The preceding CBN telecast does not reflect the views of ABC Family." The show that follows is the above mentioned teenager show about a pregnant teen. I have read online that the disclaimer has to do with Robertson calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, but how would any average TV watcher know that? What it says in actual language is, "We don't approve of the Christian show, but the one about teenagers who engage in premarital sex and reproduce like bunnies is okey-dokey." Because of this NONSENSE, I am calling out Disney and, MOUSE, YOU ARE ON NOTICE...again.


corie said...

Hahaha love it except I wasn't caught as much as I wish I was.. or I wouldn't have a broken foot. :P Thanks for the Prayers and love! <3

Anonymous said...

Love ur blog. Don't feel left out. Every day I knew you where praying for me and the team and I told the team that. Whenever I felt bad, or sad, or MAD, my thoughts where of how you where praying for me, and I thoght, "No, Donna is praying for me, GET BEHIND ME SATAN"! Donna, you where a part of our team, and I love u. Dalia

Frank said...

Donna this is hilarious. You have officially been added to my blog reader, so please keep writing!