Monday, August 4, 2008

Dancing Queen...NOT

Praise the Lord for friends! I just returned from my no husbands, no children, no boyfriends, no strangers, annual sacred Girlfriend Weekend! If you are a girl, you should round up your friends and head out for some rest and relaxation. Seriously cool. My group of girlfriends grew up together. Seriously. Kathy moved to town when we were 6. She's the new chick. We have an interesting bond that can only come from time, familiarity and love. No greater women will you find on this planet. We are also all pretty cute, if I do say so myself. All of my girlfriends are just naturally gifted "christian counselors," so there were lots of calls back and forth between some folks in need of prayer and and a shoulder to cry on and the rest of the group.

We had a blast as always. We are a holy group. We participated in lots of fellowship ((baptist speak for eating so much it is surely a sin,)) giving to the needy ((baptist speak for retail therapy)) a little meditation, ((sleep,)) sharing ((baptist speak for "catching up")) and praise music ((Pam brought her guitar and we also went to the Sunday Gospel Brunch at Threadgills.)) Note: If you care to go see the movie, Mamma Mia!, you should ask how many children of the 7o's are there and if they are singers. There were 6 of us and we are all singers. I know the rest of the audience thought our 6 part harmony was sent straight to them from God...and probably asked him to make us shut up. (The answer, NO!) Then of course there was the Abba tribute band we briefly formed in the van after the movie as we sang along to our newly acquired CD. I'm sure we could go pro. We would look amazing in the costumes, and we need a paying gig to make up for some of the "giving." We missed seeing our dear friend Amy because of the gospel brunch. I hope to get to see her next time. She's a warrior for Jesus. I wish you knew her. You'd love her too.

As we were in Austin, we had the opportunity to listen to 3 live music "events." The first was a girl and her keyboard outside on a deck overlooking Lake Austin at a coffe house. She was amazing and relaxing. The girl whining about the heat (me) was annoying but thankfully distracted by the cool music and portable fan. The second was very good cover band, "Pie." They did mostly 70's music with a good deal of 80's and a little 60's music thrown in. Once again, the 6 singers belted it out along with the band, although the speakers were loud enugh to keeep us from distracting the rest of the audience...I think. There was some dancing, but don't worry, it wasn't me. I have learned my lesson the hard way. We almost got "bounced" because Shelly fell asleep on the couch. The poor girl is 8 months pregnant in the record-breaking Texas heat with 5 other crazy women. We wore her out. By Saturday evening, she just needed a little nap, so she snuggled in on a leather couch during the music and took a little snooze. The people of the establishment, however, saw it differently and to them she looked like a passed out drunk chick. Shelly is an attorney, so when they asked about her, she opened her eyes and very succinctly explained to them why they would not be kicking her out. They were so embarassed. I was kind of hoping they would haul us downtown so I could have some more interesting stories. However, none of the rest of my group cared to go to jail so I could have interesting stories. They were probably right. I don't think they would do my nails properly in jail, and I don't have any shoes that match the uniforms. DO they let you shop before you get locked up so that you don't clash? Hmmmm.

I want to ask you to pray fervently for my friend Polly. She isn't blood kin, but she's family, and she's ill. Please pray for her health and let's just on and ask for healing ,if it's God's will. Please pause for a moment and do it now...I'll wait... Then whenever you think of it, please do it often. She is an amazing woman who has had an interesting life. I love her like a sister and so would you if you knew her.

Today's "Good Job" was a tie, so it goes both to Kathy's dog, Shadow and to the not kicked out of the music, Shelly.

Kathy's dog get's the "good job" for not biting me when I so richly deserved it. I accidently knocked her upside the head and then fell keister over teakettle into her little doggie hole she had dug to keep herself cool. I'm sure she is not accustomed to entertaining humans in here little doggie hole, but she was a gracious hostess She allowed me to fall on top of her into the hole, and then dust myself off and climb out. She didn't even laugh in my face, although she ran behind the car to laugh at me behind my back. I heard her, but I couldn't be mad. I was laughing at myself. Then she came back around so I could apologize. She forgave me for defiling her litttle spot, but I don't think we are going to be "besties." So thank you for not biting me and "good job."

Shelly gets a "Good Job" for not giving birth and for being a trooper. We do allow children at Girlfriend wWekend who are in the womb, but once they are out, it simply won't do. Her law is family law and it doesn't ever stop. This woman is amazing. She handled business with compassion and tromped around with us without complaining. This is more than I can say for the whiny girl (me) who drug around holding a little portable fan to her face asking everyone if they knew it was hot. Shelly never complained and I was amazed at her.

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