Sunday, July 6, 2008

Today's nonsense

So, today I enter the blogging world. I hope to use this as a place to keep family & friends up to date on the comings and of the goings of the Lawson Clan. I will also, probably more often than not use this for "Rant of the Day," "You're on Notice," and "Good Job."You know those things you need to say, but no-one cares to hear. Yeah, that. Who knows, I might also learn how to post pictures.
Today's nonsense is at an all time low because our source of most nonsense (teenage girl) is serving the Lord in New Orleans. It was weird to drop her off for a trip with a youth group in which only 3 months ago, I was deeply entrenched. What made it weird was that I only knew 4 parents and only 2 that were going on the trip. I'm so glad that there are adults that have stepped in to fill the gap, but it broke my heart to feel so out of place, to introduce myself to the new youth "guy" and he had no idea who I was or who my child was. He's new, so I'm giving him time.
On the new church search front, I'm struggling. Terry & Tyler have found a church they love, but I am hesitant to trust. If you have any idea how to become trusting, I'd love to hear it. I need to move on. Unfortunately, I am today's nonsense.
Today's "Good Job" goes to Ashley who has spent the summer learning to stand up not only for herself, bit also for the "least of these." I am so proud of her for speaking up when she needed to. She also earned the money for her Mission Trip the hard way. That's right, WORK! She may have even broken a sweat, but I'm not sure.
I am calling out "Outlook Express/" They are ON NOTICE!! For some reason, either Mr. Outlook or Mrs. Express hates me and refuses to find a connection...but only for me. They love Terry and deliver his email lickety-split. Not Cool. You are officially ON NOTICE, Outlook Express.


Donna Lawson said...

OK, so there are typos. I hate typos, but 1)I can't figure out how to edit, and 2)I can't type.

Kelly King said...

Okay, that's not fair that you get to approve the comments. Lol! If you are going to be brave enough to air your dirty laundry in cyberspace, you should be brave enough to take whatever comes! Okay, I'm kidding. I would moderate too. Isn't your family quaking in their shoes that all of their indiscretions will now be entertainment for us all? Okay, don't tell them - they can find out the hard way!Lol!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog this AM. Sounded just like you. Made me chuckle in places.

oops wrong facebook name said...

It says "Todays nonsense" but it was Sundays nonsense~where is todays? Oh I was with me up in Penjeryork.

Audrey said...

You, by the way, are definitely a writer :)