Monday, August 4, 2008

Continuation of previous post...

I have decided to put my 20 year old AC unit "ON NOTICE!" It can't seem to cool my house when it is over 100 degrees. Yesterday was 107! Yikes. If you are gonna run with the big boys and be an AC unit here in Texas, you've got to know it will be 107 and be prepared, AC unit. We do our part by having the nice AC tech out every year and giving him our retirement savings just to keep you happy, AC unit. You repay me by making me sweat in the uncomfort of my very own home. Shame on you, AC unit. If I want a nap during the day, and we all know I do I have to haul in three extra fans in addition to my ceiling fan and encircle my bed in a vortex of wind. Terry is worried I am accidentally going to create a tornado and end up in Oz. He doesn't mind if I go, but he's worried I'll take him with me and he doesn't have enough vacation time to make his way home on the yellow brick road. He is also positive I'll spend my yellow brick road time whining that I'm hot and that he's making me hike.(( You know it, buddy boy! ) Did I mention he's a wise man? For making the Queen of Nonsense sweat and needlessly worrying Terry about Munchkins and wicked witches, I'm putting you "ON NOTICE'" 20 year old AC unit...but please don't die. We love you.

Runner up is Kathy's fairly new AC Unit that made her come home from our fabulous weekend and find it dead. That's not nice. Also to the 14' alligator caught by Kelly's husband and boys. Don't go getting yourself caught and giving mama a heart attack in the process. Shame, shame on the both of you. Alligator, you're from Louisiana. You should know better.

Last, but not least, head on over to This is my cool buddy Frank's blog. There is a beautiful new baby at his house and he is one proud dad. He's a deep thinker, apparently except if his food is too spicy. He always provokes me to think. Read his blog, but scroll down and pay special notice to the video under "real preachers of genius." After you watch it, you'll know who else is "ON NOTICE!"

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