Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dear President Obama,

Dear President Obama,
You are forcing me to spend time considering civil disobedience. I love America, Mr. President, and I love that we have freedom of EVERYTHING! The fact that I can sit down and write this is just one freedom I'm grateful for. I didn't vote for you, Mr. President. I don't expect you to be my biggest fan. However, as a God-fearing, law-abiding, tax-paying, rule-following citizen, I must take you to task. There are MANY places where I have issue with your political decisions, but today I am going to focus on the sanctity of life.

I knew you were the most radically liberal, pro-death candidate that we have ever seen. I tried to warn my friends, Mr. President, but some of them told me I was wrong. I, myself am as radically pro-life as you are pro-death. I believe life begins at conception in EVERY case. I believe we should protect every life. Old life, deformed life, unwanted life and inconvenient life. Every life is precious to the One who created it and He alone has the power over it. I am even pro life in my belief that supporting capital punishment is supporting life. You, Mr. President, know the reasons and I don't need to explain them.

I have refused to be a member of a Baptist General Convention of Texas church because their abortion stance was that they believed abortion is wrong except in cases where there is rape, incest or where the health of the mother is a consideration. In those cases they believe that abortion may be the lesser of two evils. (I guess that would make the baby the other evil .) They have recently gotten bolder in their pro-abortion statements and are getting pretty radical themselves. (They've been "ON NOTICE" for the last 9 years with me.) I know that those are babies!

Now you have made two executive orders that are causing my tax dollars to not only end life in OTHER countries, but to create life with the PURPOSE of ending it. Did you consider the lives of those babies while you were signing those orders? Did you feel their heartbeats with every stroke of your presidential pen? Did you even study the science on adult, placental and cord stem cells? You have turned my country into a country that now values death! Shame on you, Mr. President.

So, I would like to respectfully request (demand!) that since our taxes for last year are already paid, that you not spend ONE PENNY of my money either creating a baby to be killed or killing babies. We are in a financial "situation" here in this country, in case you haven't heard, Mr. President. Why are we spending money overseas to kill babies? Foolishness. Foolishness.

Unfortunately, I can't ask you to check in at "False Teachers Anonymous," Mr. President, because you are proving to be exactly what you advertised yourself to be. Oh, and yes, this letter is much less "strongly worded" than I really wanted to make it. Mr. Perfect will be cranky if he has to pay to feed and house the Secret Serice Agents that would be moving in if I wrote it in the tone I really feel.

Donna Lawson,
God-fearing, law-abiding, tax-paying, rule-following citizen

PS. You, President Barak Obama are ON NOTICE!

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