Thursday, July 26, 2012

19 Shades of Not So Magic Men...the Pictures, Part III

John with his girls

Greg with his boys
Frank, daddying...yes, I made that word up. Isn't this picture too precious?
Alex, loving on a little one in Honduras.
Jim with his Pal Karen

Clay and his bride Collette. Believe it or not this is the day they met. I think they were married about 20 minutes later. He knows he's met the one!

Usarian, his wife Kristine and the WHOLE crew.
Chip and his oldest, Zachery, the Marine. Interestingly, Z grew up to look just like his Dad.

Marcus with his pride and joy Malaki.

Buddy and the beautiful Teri.
Joel, in the 70's. This man was trusted with children in that get up. All I can say about it is..."I SHO HATE IT!!"
"Grandpa" Dale. With the sweet Ashley
Glenn, my Daddy. With baby Tyler and baby me! He loved babies!
Kester, my Papa. He's holding me up.I was the oldest. He sure loved me! Can you tell?
Terry, Mr. Perfect with Tyler, Ashley and me (a long time ago.)
Tyler with a precious little girl in Honduras and now a couple of bonuses...
Those last two photos are from Creative Designs 14:7. Hit them up for all your graphics needs. (shameless plug.)
Please leave me a comment telling me about a "not so magic man" that you know and what makes him a good man.

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