Friday, July 27, 2012

19 Shades of Not So Magic Men... Part I

Well hello! It's been a while. This is a topic I've wanted to personally address for a while, but quite frankly, I had to calm down first. You see there is a phenomenon that has overtaken women this summer so I've dubbed this summer "The Summer of Lady Porn." "50 Shades of Grey" and "Magic Mike" have women shamelessly all atwitter. "Not Christian women," you say. YES, CHRISTIAN WOMEN! I just don't understand it at all. In the words of a dear pastor friend of mine, "This is the summer women lost the moral high ground." If men were flocking to these things you would see us women having Texas sized hissy fits all over the news because, we would not be having it. Husbands would be burned in effigy and any woman prettier than us would be the subject of creative vandalism. We are fully aware that what goes into your brain through your eyes can be just as sinful and as damaging as what your body does. I don't know any woman, Christian or not who is OK with her man perusing, reading, watching or making pornography of any kind. No matter our faith, we know we can't measure up to a fake perfect image.
I don't know any "Magic Men" but I know a lot of good and godly men who are not magic at all and I think that's much better. So I thought maybe a good way to address this is to tell you that there are still good men out there. They exist. You don't have to imagine them. I know so many of them I can't count them. So I'm going to introduce you to just a few. They are all godly men. Everyone. These are men who understand God's call to be men of honor. Good faithful men. They walk in integrity, they honor their marriage vows and love their wives like Christ loves the Church. They stand firm in the faith. They are strong. Some are young men keeping their way pure by guarding their hearts and storing up God's Word in it so they won't sin against Him. I'll tell you a small bit about what makes each one a "good man" other than his godliness, which they all share. These men are not to be the objects of lust. These are real men. Doing what real men do. Not fake, impossibly perfect men. Those would get boring in a hurry. I'll take real any day. (Some are not still living here among us, but helped shape me and were good men whose name is still good today.) Here is "19 Shades Of Not So Magic Men."

This is John. He's married to my girlfriend Pam. I've known him most of my life. John works in a high pressure big important job but his heart is in the country with his family. Every day he makes a nasty commute to provide for his family so they can live their simple life of tractors, sweet tea, front porches and fresh-from-the-garden vegetables. A simple life loving man who will still race with the rats is a good man.

This is Greg. He's married to my girlfriend Lisa. He and John have a lot in common. Greg is also a country boy who loves a simple life. Greg loves his wife so much that when he speaks of her there is an unmistakable giddiness in his voice and his smile is bigger than his face. He also has two adopted boys that he is raising to be godly men and a daughter he's raising much like my daddy raised the woods with a gun in one hand and a Bible in the other. A man who can't stop grinning about his wife, dotes on his little girl and will take in someone else's children and make them family (like our Heavenly Father has done for us) is a good man.

This is Frank. Frank is a devoted family man. This man was so excited when he first heard there was going to be a baby girl in the family that his heart was wrecked before he ever met her. God loves his attitude so much that he blessed him with a girl twice! Frank gets to be married to my girlfriend Kristin. I think that's how he would say it. He is proud of his woman! When she is the subject of conversation, you can tell that he is just gobsmacked that he gets to be married to her. I think he feels like he won some sort of wife lottery. A man who is wrecked over a baby that isn't even born yet and is gobsmacked over his wife is a good man.

This is Alex. Alex is married to my precious and unforgettable girlfriend Laura. Alex serves as a missionary with the Miskito Indians in Honduras. He is a man to whom God said "take your family and go" and he said "will do." He loves his family and has a special heart for orphans and the fatherless. He puts his shoes to the road and lives out that calling every day. He has 4 children, a mixture of natural and adopted. Doesn't matter which is which because he's Daddy to them all and NOW there is a new precious baby girl to love too. A man who will devote his life to His call and still keep a tender heart for "the least of these" is a good man.

This is Jimmy, or Jim to his friends. He's a cousin and is married to Karen. They call each other "Pal" and have two boys they call "The Wonder Boys." Jim is a successful composer who lives in Hollywood yet still manages to live out his faith every day. Not only does he stand for Christ in Hollywood, he teaches classes and has written a book to help others share their faith. A man who is a "pal" to his wife, recognized the "wonder" in his boys and gets that making disciples is the Great Commission is a good man....who makes great music.

This is my Uncle Don. He's just a straight out good old God loving country boy. Need a hand, he'll lend you both of his. He is a craftsman and a loving husband, father and grandfather, and he's one of the men I love to call family. He is my Daddy's brother and he is super funny. I bet we got our sense of humor from the same place. His grand kids call him "Dino." Who doesn't love that? He's married to my Aunt Mary who is, as far as I know, the perfect woman and a super great aunt!
This is Clay. He's married to my girlfriend Collette. Clay has 4 children and several beagles. He says he's not a "kid person," but you just hurt one of his and you'll see that he loves his kids ferociously. Clay loves Disney only slightly less than he loves Collette. He knows that he hit the jackpot when he landed his woman. This man is always ready to lend a hand, to pitch in or lend an ear. He's a good friend, husband and father. He is always pursuing knowledge in an attempt to understand God's Word as well as he possibly can. A Disney, beagle and family loving man who is a good friend as well as all those other things is a good man.

This is Usarian. He's married to my girlfriend Kristine. They have five boys. This man recently spent six or seven days with all of his boys by himself so his wife could go "home" to a wedding. Then just yesterday he searched high and low to find a restaurant that served his wife's favorite soup so he could bring some home to her. He has several reasons to complain, yet I never hear him do so. A man who will take his vacation and spend uninterrupted time with his own FIVE BOYS and then search out secret soup just for his wife is a good man.

This is Chip. Do you see that smile on his face? It's because he gets to be married to my best friend Laura. They have four children (mostly now adults,) who are all dedicated to serving others. He works harder and longer than your average bear. He has always been on Laura's side, no matter what the other side was. I have seen this man get his own behind up off of the comfortable couch just to get her a drink or warm up her coffee. This man is completely unaware that there are other women on this planet because he simply can't see them. A man who only has eyes for you, is on your side, helps you raise servant hearted adults AND will fetch a drink for you because you're thirsty is a good man.

This is Marcus. This man is married to my girlfriend Tricia and he is near and dear to my own heart. This man saw potential in my child when he was just a quiet and painfully shy 7th grader. He mentored him and taught him guitar, which changed his life. He gave my boy an outlet for his godly passion and a way to serve Jesus. As you can tell he's an amazing youth minister but he is also a devoted father to a precious boy that I love almost as much as my own. He works harder than any man I know and I'm not sure he sits down. He is super busy yet is never to busy to be a good friend to me. He has spent his summer hauling kids all over several states for camp at the expense of his family time. A man who will invest in your children and haul them all over the world for you and still be a great husband and father is a good man. That's only the first half. Stick around for the second half. Some of my favorites will be there. Please leave me a comment telling me about a "not so magic man" that you know and what makes him a good man.


Laura said...

This just started my Friday morn off right... LOVE it. The only thing missing is 'Alex is married to my FRIEND LAURA!' ha.ha.ha.ha Can't wait to read more!

Donna Lawson said...

I can't believe I missed that!!!! Well it's fixed now. :-)

Pam said...

Well, It made me proud. It made me cry. It made me say "Amen". I wanted my girls to read it so they would hear from someone else other than me what qualities they need to look for in a good man. You are a fantastic writer. I wish you would write a book. I would own one!

Unknown said...

You're very sweet Donna! I would say we are a little out of touch regarding the films you mentioned, but can only guess. I am humbled along with the rest of men mentioned I'm sure.

Unknown said...

You're very sweet Donna. We are a little out of touch with movies down here...but can only imagine. I'm humbled to be mentioned with the rest of the men in your blog.